Goals of the project:
– development of a better understanding of different cultural points of view by means of photography
– questioning and reduction of clichées and prejudices to develop more understanding of people from other cultures by means of mixing frozen images.
– achievement of differentiated judgements on other cultures by means of interviews and research in order to overcome blanket judgements
– understanding of the principle “diversity in unity” and realize the different aspects of architecture of the partner countries as enrichment
– summary and publishment of the single results in a common students’ magazine, in exhibitions and on the project’s homepage.

On a first step some documentary research should be done in order to know different cultural aspects of the participating countries. The students would have to express their ideas and conclusions by different means of design to deep in certain aspects explained below.

1. After developping the basics of photography and image editing in a first step, the studends are supposed to set up pictures that show how they see themselves in their own countries and how people from different cultures are seen in the partner countries. (e.g. How are the Italians seen in Germany by Germans and how do they influence life in Germany). Toeholds could be certain props, typical poses, colors or clothes. Thus the students not only get to know better the foreign culture but also their own. As final results, photodocumentations and collages are intended.
2. Stage plays are used by the students to illuminate the organization and shape of multicultural cohabitate. They can be documented by taking videos. These videos provide the basis for mixed images that show those aspects in one shot.
3. Photography of architecture compares different building styles and materials and rises awareness that basic needs such as housing are realized in different ways. Also schools and religious buildings will be compared.
4. The subjects “street art” and “cultural heritage” are to be worked on and reflected by the students in a similar fashion.

All results( photos, videos, collages, etc.) are presented on the conferences. Exceptional results can be rewarded.
Accompanying the project’s subjects, material for lessons will be developed.