Casalpusterlengo, Italy

The social context in which our school is located is characterised by an average socio-economical situation with a population density of about 15.000 inhabitants, which inevitably implies the role of the school as an educational and cultural reference point in the area.
In the last few years this area, which used to be agrarian, has increasingly industrialised, becoming one of the most important industrial poles of the “Lodigiano”, thanks to the presence of several highly specialised local companies and some multinational ones. The local work market does not manage, however, to employ all the workers, most of whom work in Milan or in the hinterland, determining a widespread phenomenon of commuting people. For this reason a lot of parents tend to delegate the task-duty of educating their children to others: to grandparents, to television and/or to other multimedia and, finally, to school. The students find at school a reference point in order to improve their preparation and to be able to carry out significant cultural experiences. That is why our school dedicates great care to remedial strategies and to the development of the educational offer. In the last ten years the number of students belonging to migrant families and others with serious health problems has greatly increased.
Our school has promoted activities aimed at helping students coming from migrant families to fill the gap between different cultures in order to foster their integration. As regards disabled students and those with serious health problems, the school has eliminated the architectural barriers; the integration of new technologies in the curriculum has proved effective in helping weak students to make up their learning gaps.