Albi 25. – 29.01 2014

The topic of the conference was “STREET ART”. The first part of the conference aimed at making an oral presentation of the photos taken by the students in their home countries. They described and commented on a selection of pictures. The latter have been prepared to be hung up in the school’s hall. Then the students walked in the streets of Albi in order to take new pictures of street art playing with perspectives, using their bodies and objects as a way of expression. The following day they presented their work, printed the pictures and made transfers tocustomize T-shirts. In addition, a show about stereotypes has been presented by the French to the Italian and German teams.

Agreements on the content of the Herford conference Task between the Albi and the Herford conferences for the students: PREPARATION OF THE STUDENTS’ ART2CLICK MAGAZINE

They have to sum up all the conferences’ results including text and photos. The French students will mainly work on the topics “Cooking” and “Lifestyles”. The Italian students will mainly work on “Landscape” and “Architecture”. The German students will mainly work on “Street Art” and on the making of a flip book.