25.05 – 29.05 2013 Albi, France

The aim of the conference was an oral presentation of the photos taken by the students about the assignement:
a) the destruction of landscape through architecture
b) the transformation of landscape or urban landscape or
c) the ugly vs. the beautiful or
d) the old vs. the new.
Then the students took part in a cooking workshop in which they made typical french pastries. During the workshop the students took pictures of each step and noted down the recipes in order to create a presentation an a recipe booklet in the three languages.

The photos from the participating countries have been orally presented, then prepared to be hung up in the school`s hall. In the afternoon, after the cooking workshop with a professional cook, they made a Presentation showing the various steps of their work ab a recipe booklet. A video about the first conference made by the Italian students was shown an the partners agreed to make a video about each conference an publish it on the website art2click.eu.
A photo gallery of the cooking workshop and the students’ photos about the assignement will be published together with the presentations on the website. The results of the conference will be published in the school’s website an local newspapers.