12.- 16.10. 2013 Casalpusterlengo, Italy

The topic of the conference was Lifestyles. Students presented orally the photos taken during the Albi Conference or posters made on the theme of the conference. They commented on their work insisting on their country’s and on the partners’ countries’ point of view. Another task was the preparation of typical Italian meals in the house of their hosts; the following morning they made a Power Point presentation showing their work. The teachers also did a cooking workshop in a teacher’s house. The following day they worked on the website and on the next conference tasks.

Summary of agreements

The Albi conference will be held from January 25th to 29th 2014. The topic will be STREET ART.

The  students have to work on the following taks between the Casalpusterlengo and Albi conferences:

Find general information about Street Art, look at concrete examples of Street Art in your town, take photos of it in order to prepare a presentation about it. The photos will have to be sent to Albi team within 11th January 2014 in order to be printed.

Have a look at the lesson about “The Use of Perspective and Optical Illusions” to get prepared for the task that will be put in the website by the Italian Team within 6th January 2014.

Tasks during the Albi Conference:

Students will have to create their own Street Art, for example they could play with perspectives, use their bodies and objects as a way of expression. For the presentation, they will take photos of their creation. The following day the result of the students’ work will be presented and printed on t-shirts.